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For the past decade, Paul Roberts has served as a facilitator and advisor to thousands of individuals. A respected Personal Trainer who encourages results through behavioural change strategies that bring about lifestyle and sporting peak performance.

The new site is a way for Paul to reach as many people as possible in his attempt to become one of the most respected trainers in the UK.

What began as a young person’s passion for sport and exercise has turned into Pauls lifelong crusade as he is called on by individuals from every walk of life - board members of multinational companies, psychologists, peak performance athletes, entrepreneurs, doctors, bankers, physiotherapists, teachers, and parents. Since graduating in the Science and Management of Exercise and Health, Paul has completed over 7000 one-to-one training sessions.

In addition to his efforts to help people in a one-to-one scenario, Paul has lectured for the University of Surrey, managed fitness facilities and mentored aspiring personal trainers to success and independence.

A sporting background in county level basketball and senior football became difficult when Paul began focusing on his passion for work. Remaining dedicated to his own health; Paul’s current activities include trail running and strength training through the winter and triathlon and running time trials in the summer.