I advocate receiving as much nutrition as possible from our intended sources of vegetables, fruits, meats, fish and grains. I would actively encourage anybody who through eating varied, organic, seasonal produce attempted to maximise his or her nutritional intake and receive a balanced and plentiful delivery of essential fats, vitamins and minerals.
The problem is that because of modern lifestyle, medicine, farming and diet we face real challenges in getting exactly what we need from food sources to keep our bodies in homeostasis and an anabolic state. Supplementation can help us shortcut our route to health.
Wise supplementation is in no way a replacement for good food choices. However, a great diet with strategic supplementation can offer optimum health benefits to someone striving for increased health and vitality.

How To Run

If you are considering changing you're running from heel striking to mid to forefoot striking you need to read this first. A brilliant, informative and balanced introduction to efficient running. 

The article has been reproduced from the November 2011 copy of Eureka, a monthly science magazine produced by The Times.

79 percent of us get injured when we run. Why?

21st Century Fatigue

During and after periods of prolonged moderate stress or intensely stressful events we can sometimes be left feeling tired, unresponsive, and uncharacteristically irritable. The symptoms may manifest as experiencing sluggish starts to the day, the 4 o'clock low, and an inability to get to sleep.