"Paul has an excellent manner that is both motivating and competitive. I think he reads clients needs very well and adapts the training and the approach to suit."
Robin Dunlop
Staines Boat Club, Captain of Boats

"I am fascinated by how our body works and what we can do to make it go faster!

I am a hard working time trial specialist who, currently, works far harder than results on the road demonstrate. In order to change this I went to seek advice from someone who knows and understands exactly what it’s all about.

That was important to me - to know exactly what I do in training and how it impacts what it is all about on the road as Paul does it himself. It is so helpful and reassuring to have small talk, even during a workout, based on what you have been doing and getting a response that is sympathetic, but also really understanding, not one that doesn’t really know and just joins in for the sake of it. Nobody really understands your sport unless they actually do it themselves. I know that Paul races and trains in a similar way, and so we can compare notes. This year we are trying particularly hard to get the weight session right and highly specific as I work hard towards strengthening my legs for racing. I can already feel that my legs are stronger on the hills in training after 4 months of strength work. I look forward to the power work that follows to put the icing on the cake.

It is always a balance, though - doing enough hard work to get stronger without getting exhausted. Paul’s life coaching assists in trying to unravel the weekly plan of life and how best to fit training in most effectively.

Finally, I would not still be in the gym if it wasn’t for Paul and the encouragement that he gives. I would not only be letting myself down if I didn’t go, I feel as if I would be letting him down as well."
Jill Bartlett

"I have been training with Paul every week for the past 5 months. I’ve lost over a stone in weight and significantly reduced my body fat. We set regular goals and I’ve achieved all of them with Paul’s motivation. I never believed I’d be running 10km and actually enjoying it and getting so many comments about my new size 8 clothes just 8 months after having my second child is a motivation for any woman!"
Emma Sparshatt

"After a second serious knee injury I was advised to see a personal trainer to strengthen and improve the muscles around my knee. I was recommended to see Paul and he talked me through what I wanted to do, which was ski, and what I needed to do to achieve this. Within a few weeks I could feel the results and after 8 years I can still ski to a high and demanding standard and consider Paul a friend."
Andrew Edwards

"Paul’s commitment and enthusiasm to fitness and optimum health is contagious and inspiring. He is fun and positive and anyone who wishes to get fitter and feel healthier would definitely benefit from and thoroughly enjoy working with Paul"
Claire Sugg

"I just wanted to thank you again for helping to get me started on getting fit again. As you know I was dreading it today, knowing that I had not put in enough effort since I last saw you, but I think I did ok and I hope that you thought so too.

It was a very big step for me to take when I first contacted you, knowing how I had let things go since my dad died, but you made it easy and never once made me feel inadequate, always gently encouraging me and making me do things I never thought I could do. Every session went really quickly and was a sign of my enjoyment even the bits I didn’t like!

You’ve educated me well in the importance of keeping healthy rather than just fit. I’m far more conscious of what goes into my body now and it feels stronger than it has in a long time, and by being that I sleep better than I have in the last two years.

I’m proud of what I’ve done these past 10 weeks and I’ve done it for me and no one else. Being a mum and wife doesn’t always provide for much "me time" and my weekly sessions have given me that."
Tania Bolton

"I found myself stuck in a rut at the gym so I needed a challenge. I enlisted Paul’s expertise and have never looked back. His commitment and motivation have made me more determined than ever. Paul developed a program to fit my requirements making me achieve goals I thought I could never reach. His passion and enthusiasm has made each training session an enjoyable experience! Thank you Paul for all your fantastic help."
Louise Yates

"As a committed athlete moving into my late 30’s with lower back and hamstring problems I was looking for a Personal Trainer who truly understood my needs of developing all round core stability to provide longevity of my health & fitness. Unlike other Personal Trainers who practice ‘one size fits all’ training techniques Paul operated on a higher level. He got to know me on a personal basis, recognised my strengths and weaknesses, what motivated me and what I wanted to achieve and then applied his first class academic and practical fitness knowledge to me as an individual. The results have been outstanding. The all round power and strength I now have is amazing and attending our sessions is a real pleasure. Paul is unique - a real talent who loves his work and is committed to success. Without a doubt an asset to any individual looking to step change their current health & fitness routine."
Richard Jones

"I have been training with Paul for three years. As a competitive rugby player coming to the end of his playing career it is important for me to remain strong, healthy and mobile when my sport can sometimes feel that it is doing everything to make me feel the opposite. Paul is there to keep my body in balance with specifically designed, progressive training programmes that not only enhance my day to day life but also my fitness for rugby."
Kevin Keaney

"Paul Roberts was recommended to me by my son as someone I would feel comfortable with and would be sympathetic with my needs, as I had not used a P.T. before. Paul has been my P.T. for over 2 years. During that time my fitness has been greatly improved, my body awareness and the basic understanding of biomechanics. Why certain exercises are relevant in a particular order within a long term training program.

My self confidence and self esteem have improved and this has made for a better quality of life. I know that my body is more toned and I wish to continue to improve and maintain myself in order to stay fit and improve certain medical problems. My doctors are impressed with the way I have tried to counter act medical problems with fitness and diet, and continue to do so.

Paul is a professional trainer who has a friendly approach to training but knows how to motivate and raise the limits and keep the interest. My training program is regularly changed every 6 weeks. It is varied and he makes good use of equipment available but in particular core stability work to gain strength within major muscle groups to enable progress without injury.

I have even participated in a 10 K fun run with my daughters and enjoyed it (something I would never have contemplated before) and I will be doing the same again this year to better my time."
Sarah Helsdown

"Since August 2008 I have been having PT sessions with Paul. I know it sounds cliché however I have seen immediate benefits with an increase in fitness levels, a reduction in weight and most importantly a reduction in my body fat percentage. Paul has taken a huge amount of time to understand how I like to exercise and what motivates me and has built a training regime around this to suit my individual needs.

I have been a gym member before and have always enjoyed working out however I have recently struggled to achieve the goals that I set myself. Paul has changed the way in which I exercise, and most importantly, explained why I needed to change my exercise style, in order for me to start seeing the results. His motivation and enthusiasm are fantastic and he is always there to ensure that you are exercising effectively and safely. I love my PT sessions and would encourage anyone who has a set goal in mind to work with him - it is amazing how much quicker you see results when you are working with someone who motivates you, understands exercise and how it affects your body!"
Tanya Gregory

"Paul has been my personal trainer for two years. Following a very busy period in my life, by early 2006 I felt out of condition and lacking in my usual enthusiasm for keeping fit - at 52 years of age, a little effort is required. I talked to several potential trainers, but it was only on meeting Paul that I found someone with the high level of experience, sporting ability and maturity that I felt would motivate me. In the two years since, I have had dozens of training sessions with Paul, and cannot speak more highly of his professionalism, interpersonal skills and unabated enthusiasm for his work and the achievements of his clients. I am physically fitter than I have been since I was a teenager, and feel the better for it."
Nicola Tomkins

"I was bought a voucher by my daughter for my 66th birthday; I was contemplating training but hadn’t committed to anything yet. I was with Paul for about 18 months with regular sessions on a Thursday to fit in with my part time office hours. Paul put me through the initiation sessions and he devised an itinerary for my diet and sessions in the gym.

I found him very focused and the training was always a challenge. Paul, was easy to talk to, a hard task master, and did give me stick when I wasn’t keeping to either my diet or progressing to the gym on non-session days, he was, and is a likeable personal trainer and I wish him all the best.

We set me a target to do a 5K run in bushy park (I had never run any distance at all) and finally the day arrived. I met Paul and we drove to bushy park. To my amazement I completed the Run in about 39 minutes- this is one achievement that will last for a very long time."
Ralph Young

"Since starting training with Paul over 2 years ago I have always found it to be a positive experience. Paul is very motivational and even when you are feeling tired and doing exercise is the last thing on your mind Paul manages to make it an enjoyable experience and always manages to push you that bit further making you feel like you have really worked out and achieved something.

Paul has always been very knowledgeable about training and diet and I feel confident that he will always be able to help with any questions I have. Paul designs training programmes which are geared to me, my goals and lifestyle. I am very confident in Paul and his abilities as a personal trainer - he is very friendly and approachable and I can’t recommend him enough!"
Claire Graham

"Paul is the best personal trainer I have had. He is motivational without pushing too hard. He has a genuine interest in my wellbeing and progress. My objectives are being met and he regularly checks for new goals to be added to the workout sessions. I look forward to my training sessions with Paul because I can see so much benefit and improvement. Like Tina Turner once sang, he’s ‘Simply the Best’!!"
Jonathon Rosenblatt